About Us

Rajesh K has been associated with Infotronics since its inception in 2002. He built the voice based service to Australia and the UK assisting a number of companies in both geographies in building their businesses through the company's marketing efforts. Each business require a bespoke solution yo address its needs and that was the focal point of his strategy.

Infotronics offers a diverse range of consulting services in the infrastructure space. A dedicated team of speacilists address needs of engineering, architecture design and overseeing execution of projects not withstanding sourcing of materials.

Infotronics is also offering IT services and solutions through its strategic alliance partners GoWork Solutions Inc, a New Jersey based company.

Vee. Vijayalakshmi is an artist on canvas and visual arts. She brings her creativity to the table showcasing her talent on all mediums.

The simple philosophy the company believes in is businesses require bespoke flexible solutions that reflect their uniqueness and powered by technology.

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